Why Ryan Darth Bader lost to Anthony Rumble Johnson?

Rumble stated “It was either going to be two things, he was going to play it safe and grind me out or he was going to come right after me and he came right at me”


Later Ryan Darth Bader stated on Instagram: Well fight obv didn’t go as planned, took a stupid shot and ended up paying for it. It is what it is. You keep playing it over in your head, but that doesn’t change the outcome. Worst part, is that feeling of not fighting to your potential. I just need to make fighting fun again. Congrats to AJ.  That being said, I have a beautiful family, great friends, and amazing fans that have stuck by me no matter what, so nothing to be down about. love you guys!


In conclusion it was clear Rumble worked on stuffing takedowns and knew it would come at some point in Round 1. Ryan seemed to have overthought the game plan and shot without a punching setup which is very rare in MMA. Bader clearly has more tools in his arsenal and needs to have fun fighting as he stated above. Seems like the UFC will now pit Bader vs Alexander Gustafsson or Jimi Manuwa, then Rumble will face winner of Jones vs Cormier.