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” The MMA mask was really great when I was training BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It help me focus on what I was doing “in the moment” rather that just trying to go for the submission right away. Its like it gave me an extra sensory receptor”

– Mark J.


“The mask help me perform for my marathon running 26 miles. It helps me concentrate on my running while I was able to cut down my training time by at least 30% because of their stricture not airflow to my body. The only downfall is that people kept honking at me when I was running on the side of the road that was kind of weird.”

– Jason D.


“I wasn’t training for any particular sport I just wore it around the house while I was doing chores and whatnot and for some reason I was able to have sex with my girlfriend for a longer period of time by just only wearing a mask approximately 3 hours a day and I noticed a significant difference in roughly 2 weeks.”

Mike C.


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