Stephen Wonderboy Thompson knocks out Hendricks!

This last Saturday Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson knocked out Johny Hendricks with ease in the first round of battle. He let the Welterweight division know he is definitely a top contender hunting for that title.

Whos scared right now? Robbie? Nope. Rory? Nope. Condit? Nope. Tyrone Woodley is the one frightened. He is the one that thinks Wonderboy may leap frog him to get the next title shot at Robbie, although Dana already promised the next shot would be for Woodley since there was a N/C against Hendricks a few months ago. Despite the fact that Tyrone beat Condit in 2014 too. Rory is also thrown into the mix since his last fight against the Champ was awarded the best fight of 2015.


There are so many hats thrown into the welterweight mix, but by far Wonderboy is the most exciting to watch and will garner the most attention with his exciting finishes. Plus with the style Robbie fights, it will just be him standing there with his head on line for Wonderboy to tee off on!


This is an easy one for Joe Silva the matchmaker, Wonderboy vs Lawler. Possibly as soon as UFC 200 in the summer!