Conor Retires from UFC/MMA!?!?! Ruins UFC 200 (video)

It seems like there is some kind of $$$ issue where Conor wants more than he feels he is worth or just did not want to comprimise his training for the hectic press schedule of UFC 200. So he sent out a tweet that said:

“I have decided to retire young.
Thanks for the cheese.
Catch ya’s later.”

Of course there must have been some behind the scenes stuff with Dana and Conor, and Conor felt he needed to get the first word out there with this tweet. Later in the day Dana went on to publicly reply to his message in the video below.

Today 4/21 Jon Jones says he will fight at 200 after he wins vs OSP this coming saturday.

Also Dana announced that the fight between Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar will be for the real Featherweight title if Conor is really retiring.

Now we all await the response from Conor….the world is waiting.

(Video courtesy of ESPN | Viewing may be limited by broadcast rights restrictions)