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Conor Retires from UFC/MMA!?!?! Ruins UFC 200 (video)

It seems like there is some kind of $$$ issue where Conor wants more than he feels he is worth or just did not want to comprimise his training for the hectic press schedule of UFC 200. So he sent out a tweet that said: “I have decided to retire young. Thanks for the cheese. […]

Machida Suspended From UFC

Machida suspended

Well it looks like there is another mark crossed off the list for USADA Lyoto Machida admitted to using banned Substance “7-Keto” (contains DHEA) that is banned in or out of competition. Since this is his first time he will most likely get the same deal Yoel Romero did which is six months ban which […]

Conor and Diaz aftermath!

ok I was wrong, I’ll admit it. Conor failed. GSP said it best when he mentioned it was too much weight for Conor too fast. He wasn’t able to adjust to the weight during the fight and therefore cardio suffered. He most likely entered the Octagon around 166 lbs. Nate is taller, has a better […]

Conor finishes Diaz in Round 1 is my prediction

Conor will finish Diaz in round 1…that’s my prediction at least. Could this fight be a Holm vs. Rousy fight upset? Probably not…. Diaz is tough as hell and has a great chin, but Conor is the most accurate with his punches than anyone else in the division. Diaz also good boxing and BJJ but […]

Top 10 Reasons Bisping will destroy Anderson Silva

Why you ask? Silva is kinda dumb it some aspects. -Silva takes boner pills from Thailand mixed with steriods -Silva trains with the elevation training mask đŸ˜‰ in this video -The fight takes place in the 02 arena in the UK, so Bisping gets homecourt advantage -Bisping stays tight the whole time while Silva is […]

Stephen Wonderboy Thompson knocks out Hendricks!

This last Saturday Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson knocked out Johny Hendricks with ease in the first round of battle. He let the Welterweight division know he is definitely a top contender hunting for that title. Whos scared right now? Robbie? Nope. Rory? Nope. Condit? Nope. Tyrone Woodley is the one frightened. He is the one that thinks Wonderboy may leap […]

Why Ryan Darth Bader lost to Anthony Rumble Johnson?

Rumble stated “It was either going to be two things, he was going to play it safe and grind me out or he was going to come right after me and he came right at me”   Later Ryan Darth Bader stated on Instagram: Well fight obv didn’t go as planned, took a stupid shot and ended […]

Buy MMA Mask for as low as $72

By conditioning the lungs and creating resistance, your diaphragm is enlarged. The Elevation MMA mask will help you breathe better and control your lung capacity. This will lead to much more greater mental focus while training. The MMA mask will make you become a better athlete in almost all sports and also a great accessory […]