Top 10 Reasons Bisping will destroy Anderson Silva

Why you ask? Silva is kinda dumb it some aspects.

-Silva takes boner pills from Thailand mixed with steriods

-Silva trains with the elevation training mask 😉 in this video

-The fight takes place in the 02 arena in the UK, so Bisping gets homecourt advantage

-Bisping stays tight the whole time while Silva is all loosey goosey

-Bisping was able to beat Cung Le while he was juiced to the gills!

-Bisping trains with top contender Lornez Larkin

-Silva is 40 years old and contemplates if he can still perform

-Bisping is pissed off since he main losses were only to guys on performance enhancing drugs

-Silva lacks power and confidence to throw low kicks since he previously broke it with Chris Weidman which can lead to an easy target for Bisping


Enjoy the fights!