About MMA Mask

MMA Mask helps! By conditioning the lungs and creating resistance, your diaphragm is enlarged.
 The Elevation MMA mask will help you breathe better and control your lung capacity. This will lead to much more greater mental focus while training. The MMA mask will make you become a better athlete in almost all sports and also a great accessory to your arsenal of athletic equipment. The mask has several different levels of resistance to restrict airflow with its Patent pending valve system. The MMA mask will forcee you to in have controlled and deeper breaths than normal. Over time your body will adapt to the resistance and use more oxygen effectively. This is very similar to training in a high-altitude of Colorado for a long period of time and then moving to somewhere that is less higher elevation your energy level and breathing capacity will be greatly strengthened.


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Why would i want to use Training Mask 2.0?•Increased lung capacity
•Increased oxygen efficiency
•Increased energy output
•Increased Mental and physical stamina increase


Dr. Artour Rakhimov – Moscow University PhD (Math/Physics), accepted in Canada and the UK
* Winner of many regional competitions in mathematics, chess and sport orienteering (during teenage and University years)
* Good classical piano-player: Chopin, Bach, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Strauss (up to now)
* Joined Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in 2001
* Former captain of the ski-O varsity team and member of the cross-country skiing varsity team of the Moscow State University, best student teams of the USSR
* Former individual coach of world-elite athletes from Soviet (Russian) and Finnish national teams who took gold and silver medals during World Championships
* Total distance covered by running, cross country skiing, and swimming: over 100,000 km or over 2.5 loops around the Earth
* Author of the publication which won Russian National 1998 Contest of scientific and methodological sport papers
* Author of the most comprehensive book in English (“Normal breathing: the key to vital health”) about the Buteyko breathing method and one of the largest world’s website devoted to breathing training (www.NormalBreathing.com)
* Buteyko breathing teacher (since 2002 up to now) and trainer
* Health writer and health educator